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A Representative Payee is a person or agency who helps people pay for their basic needs with their fixed income. This can include paying rent, medical and utility bills, groceries and transportation. Most people who receive this service have income from the Social Security Administration, Veterans Affairs or Railroad Retirement. We also can help people who have other sources of income.

Our Representative Payee program was started in March 2011 to help people in Klamath and Lake Counties live on a budget and make sure their monthly bills are paid on time. We are a fully bonded and insured Organizational Payee and we are approved by the Social Security Administration.

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Why would I want to sign up for this service?

  • Your bills are paid on time.

  • You have someone to help budget and manage your money.

  • You have someone to help you save money for future needs.

You have someone who knows your needs and has your best interest as a priority.

What do I get if I sign up for this service?

  • Budgets that include a savings plan

  • Monthly bill payment

  • Weekly or Monthly spending money

  • Prepaid debit cards, checks or direct deposit

  • Direct reporting to Social Security Administration

  • Help talking to your vendors to lower your costs

  • Help finding programs and resources that can help your family

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