Representative Payee Services

The Klamath & Lake Community Action Services (KLCAS) Representative Payee Program was first implemented in March 2011.  KLCAS is a fully bonded and insured Organizational Payee approved by the Social Security Administration to assist Social Security (SSI/SSDI) recipients.

The Representative Payee works with clients to develop and maintain a budget that includes a savings plan for future needs.  KLCAS collects a monthly service fee which is determined annually by the Social Security Administration.  Clients benefit from our program by having a liaison to negotiate bills on their behalf, helping them stabilize their financial health.   KLCAS also provides referrals to different community resources as appropriate for each client.

As a client of the Klamath and Lake Community Action Services Representative Payee Program, you have access multiple supportive services that we provide to help you become more financially stable. You can contact us to request more information or to request assistance for any of the following:

  • On-time bill payment;
  • Checks printed twice weekly;
  • Assistance with obtaining a Birth Certificate;
  • Assistance with obtaining a Social Security Card;
  • Assistance with obtaining State ID;
  • Assistance with applying for Section 8 Housing;
  • Dedicated staff for processing utility assistance applications;
  • Develop and maintain a budget that includes a savings plan for future needs;
  • Free on-site Notary Service;
  • Free check cashing at our local bank branch;
  • Free loading service of prepaid phone cards;
  • Flexible personal spending checks;
  • Ease of anxiety or tension with managing one’s own money; and
  • Assistance with negotiating:
    • Rent/ deposit;
    • Utility deposits;
    • Credit/ debit accounts;
    • Financial assistance program access; and/or
    • Flexible payment options.

KLCAS receives referrals from various organizations such as the Social Security Administration, the Veterans Administration, Department of Human Services, other county agencies, community partners, providers and family members.

For more information about our Representative Payee services, please contact our team directly by visiting 535 Market Street in Klamath Falls, calling 541-882-3500 or emailing Natasha Dehart.

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