Homeless Prevention Program

The Homeless Prevention Program receives grant funding through Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS).  Program assistance is based on funding availability.

“Housing gives people an opportunity to build better lives.  To succeed, you need a place to call home.”

Our Homeless Prevention Program focuses on the short-term alleviation of unique crises by connecting individuals and families with available community resources, and filling gaps in existing services. The program’s case manager will work with each client on a case-by-case basis to determine the client’s greatest needs and guide the client in taking the steps necessary to meet those needs.  Activities will include information, referral, case management, resource assistance, and if needed, follow-up consultations.

Clients must be willing to discuss their personal circumstances and fill out required paperwork with the case manager before assistance will be considered.  Client information is gathered for statistical purposes only and will be kept confidential.

To access our application form, click here. You can email your complete application to [email protected].

Para la Solicitud para la Asistencia con el Alquiler,  hacer clic.

Helpful Resources

Landlord Tenant Booklet – This handbook is useful for questions and answers specific to tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities.

Free Legal Information for Low-Income Oregonians – This provides a direct link to Oregon Law Help for various legal questions and will also provide contact information for the local Legal Aid Office.

Klamath Falls Gospel Mission – This is a direct link to the Klamath Falls Gospel Mission which provides shelter and food for those who are in need.  Please visit their website for further information.

Marta’s House – This is a direct link to Marta’s House which provides emergency shelter for women who are fleeing an abusive situation.

Integral Youth Services – This is a direct link to IYS which offers multiple programs for youth.

Real Estate Law – Real estate law directly or indirectly impacts most of us on a daily basis, affecting homeowners, renters, landlords, home buyers and home sellers.

Landlord Guide for Rental Applications- The following guide is for current and prospective landlords. It outlines how to become and stay a successful landlord by establishing prudent and profitable rental application processes.

Appointment Information

Contact KLCAS for program qualifications and to discuss available resources at (541) 882-3500.

Property Management

  • AAA Property Management: (541) 883-6424
  • Apodaca Pierce Property Rentals: (541) 882-8788
  • D&S Properties: (541) 884-1597
  • First Choice Property Management: (541) 884-4022
  • Stewart Property Management: (541) 883-2901

Apartment Complexes

  • Applegate Trails: (541) 883-8383
  • Cedar Gardens: (541) 882-5989
  • Crestview Commons: (541) 850-3333
  • High Lakes Apartments: (541) 882-5577
  • Kingswood: (541) 883-2986
  • High Valley Estates: (541)883-2100

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