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Due to the huge demand across Klamath & Lake county service area, we are currently pausing our application process for IDA Dream$avers program. There are only so many funds in a given year for this service and we have hit our budgeted allotment for this program. If you are interested in applying, please call Jody Choate @ 541-882-3500.  She will answer any questions you may have and also screen to see if you are eligible.  If so, you will be placed on a waiting list when more funds become available.  Let’s see what we can do to assist you in making your dreams come true! We are strong advocates for the IDA program, the funder of Dream$avers, and need your help in expanding the capacity of the program. Please visit

What is Dream$avers IDA Program?

Dream$avers is an Individual Development Account or “IDA” designed to help Oregon residents reach for a brighter future by tripling their savings for specific goals. Read more about IDA’s here.


Jolean’s Success Story 

How is the Dream$avers Program Funded?

The Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative is supported by funding from the Oregon IDA Tax Credit. The Credit allows donors the opportunity to support IDA participants like ours and get back a 70% credit on your State tax return. For more information, visit

The asset building program for Dream$avers is vast. If you are a resident of Klamath or Lake Counties, approved participants can:

  • Save to repair and maintain your home
  • First time homebuyer’s can save for down payment & closing costs
  • Save to start a small business
  • Obtain & retain employment by purchasing reliable transportation
  • Dental work to obtain and retain a job
  • Pursuing higher education: college or trade school

How the Program Works

For every $1.00 saved in an IDA, participants receive a corresponding match which serves as both a reward and an incentive to further the savings habit.  Each IDA has the potential to triple or even quadruple your savings based upon eligibility.

Now imagine how fast a small monthly deposit will add up after your savings is tripled!



Approved Savings Goals Offered

Purchasing your first home:  Savers under this category must be considered first-time homebuyers and can use the funds for any of the following purposes:

  • Down payment
  • Closing costs
  • Appraisals
  • Inspections
  • Earnest money
  • Negotiated construction/reconstruction items when acquiring a home

Home Repairs or Modifications:  Savers do not need to have homes that qualify as real property, which means that both singlewide and doublewide manufactured homes and trailer homes in parks qualify under this program.  Funds can be used for the following:

Pursuing a higher education: 

  • Tuition and fees at an accredited education institution
  • Expenses for approved Trade School
  • Supplies required for courses or instruction
  • Equipment necessary to facilitate the duties of a student (i.e. computer, graphing calculator, materials required under a syllabus, etc.)
  • Small Business Learn how to develop a business plan using legal structure; Federal, state, & local rules. Learn how to research and market your business, what costs are associated.

Assisted Technology: 

  • Purchase reliable auto to obtain and retain employment
  • Major dental for a smile of confidence to obtain and retain a job


Eligibility Requirements

You may be eligible if you are:

  • 16 years or older,
  • An Oregon Resident,
  • Income and net worth qualified, for requirements click here,
  • Willing to save for one of the approved savings goals,
  • Willing and able to save for a minimum of 6 months to 36 months,
  • Can establish a required savings account, and deposit money each month towards your goal,
  • Able to complete all required financial education classes, and
  • Interested in learning how to better manage and save money.

For current income eligibility requirements contact KLCAS and the IDA coordinator. 


Other Program Benefits

Join our program and change your life through:

  • Determining savings goals while establishing a regular savings habit
  • One-on-one personal budgeting assistance
  • Assistance exploring college and vocational school options
  • Participating in our Financial Fitness & Home Buying Classes
  • Personal support and assistance from knowledgeable IDA program staff

Please contact the IDA Coordinator for an application.

KLCAS Klamath and Lake Homeownership Program

For more information on Individual Development Accounts:

Jody Choate
IDA Coordinator and Financial Coach
(541) 882-3500 ext.: *847

Michelle J. Scott
Housing Counseling and Education Manager
(541) 882-3500 ext: *819