Klamath & Lake Homeownership Center

At Klamath & Lake Homeownership Center, our mission is to provide resources, education, assistance, and support to prospective and existing homeowners.


A Homeownership Center is a “one-stop-shop,” providing information and resources for homebuyers and homeowners. Our certified Homeownership Counselors are available to help future home buyers identify the steps to sustainable homeownership.


Families can expect guidance with:

  • Budget and credit review;
  • Identifying appropriate loan products and lender information;
  • Down payment assistance programs and safe lending choices;
  • Local realtors and insurance agents information; and
  • Decision making.


We offer Financial Fitness and Home Buying Classes, as well as one-on-one, private pre-purchase consultations to help homeowners accomplish their sustainable homeownership goal.

We are here to help individual families sustain homeownership, which ultimately promotes neighborhood stabilization.  We also assist prospective home buyers entering homeownership, to be better prepared for this long-term investment and responsibility.


Homeowners…Having difficulty making your mortgage payment due to loss/reduction in income?  Home Rescue Program may be able to help by making regular payments for up to 12 months to your services.

Maybe you can afford your mortgage payment now but are behind due to a previous financial difficulty.  LPA Preservation Benefit may be able to help by catching up the past due amount with a lump sum payment to your services.

Maybe you don’t have a mortgage on your home but owe previous year’s property taxes.  LPA Property Tax Benefit may be able to make a one time payment to The Property Tax Collector to bring your account current.

Maybe you have a reverse mortgage and have past due property taxes, insurance or homeowner’s association dues.  LPA Reverse Mortgage Benefit may be able to make a one time payment to the services to address the account(s).

To find out more, and to see if you are eligible, please visit Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative at  www.OregonHomeownerHelp.org


KLCAS can help moderate to low-income homeowners through Individual Development Accounts, IDA,  for home improvements and repairs.  An Individual Development Account (IDA) is an asset building tool designed to enable low-income families to save towards a targeted amount usually used for building assets in the form of homeownership, home repaid, and post-secondary education.


These forms are for Future Homeowners and current clients. Please print out and bring to your next appointment:


Last year we helped over 15 families make their new home purchase with confidence.  


“To succeed, we all need a place to call home.”

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For questions, please contact Michelle Scott at (541) 882-3500 ext. *819.