Energy Assistance Program

The KLCAS Energy Assistance Program opened Oct. 1, 2018 for clients in Klamath and Lake counties who are seniors or are disabled, as well as for families with children in the household from 0-5 years old. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Shut offs will NOT be given priority, except for a documented medical condition that requires electricity. Medical clients must have a medical certificate on file with the power company.

All other Klamath County or Lake County residents can schedule appointments starting Nov. 26 for appointments after Dec. 1.

Klamath County Energy Assistance Program
Klamath & Lake Community Action Services

2300 Clairmont Drive • Klamath Falls
541: 882-3500
Days & Hours:  Monday-Friday • 8 5 p.m.

Lake County Energy Assistance Program
Lake County Senior Center

11 North G Street • Lakeview
541: 947-4966
Days & Hours:  Monday-Friday • 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Keep Klamath Cozy Drive

On behalf of Klamath Lake & Lake Community Action Services, We would like to thank Pacific Power and all those who kindly donated during the “Keep Klamath Cozy Drive”.  Over 60 blankets and 7 space heaters will be provided to families and individuals to keep them warm this winter, including homeless individuals at the Winter Give Away-Homeless Point in Time Count, January 25th.   Please accept our heartfelt appreciation for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

KLCAS Energy Assistance

The Energy Assistance Program helps increase economic stability for people, communities, and the state by providing assistance with: power, natural gas, heating oil, propane, firewood, pellets, and furnace repair.  This is made possible through federal, state, and other programs such as: Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Programs (LIHEAP), Oregon Energy Assistance (OEA), Oregon Heat, Low-Income Rate Assistance Program (LIRAP), Project Share, along with many other programs.

The Energy Assistance Program is designed to encourage regular utility payments, promote energy awareness, and educate participants on the reduction of energy usage.  This is accomplished through energy efficiency and client education. Other services may also be available through this program such as: furnace repair, emergency reconnection and fuel delivery, blankets, as well as heaters.

Our program also works on creating partnerships within our community to utilize our resources to their fullest extent possible.  Through this and other community partnerships, the Energy Assistance Program generated over $15,000 in donated firewood which helped heat over 125 households in Klamath County.  To learn more about this and other donation opportunities, please visit our Support page.


The following pages provide additional information for programs and great energy saving ideas:

“Housing should be affordable enough to be able to pay rent and still put food on the table.”

KLCAS Energy Program