Energy & Education Programs

Our “Energy” department not only serves clients visiting our agency to help with their heating needs, we also may be able to help in the repair of broken heating systems. We focus on providing energy education classes, which can provide the tools and resources to assist individuals with energy saving techniques. KLCAS staff frequently travels to rural communities in both Klamath and Lake counties to provide “Home Matters” workshops. The attendees learn low-cost/no-cost ways to conserve energy and lower their bills. They also are provided with information for resources offered by the utility companies and for weatherization. Energy assistance applications are provided at these workshops to make it easier for rural families to apply for assistance. The workshops also provide tips on Consumer Protection, Fair Housing, and Veteran’s services.

Because “Home Matters” to everyone at KLCAS, our clients are also informed of and encouraged to attend the other educational opportunities offered through our agency. Energy Assistance can lead to Energy Education. Energy Education attendees are encouraged to attend an On Track class to learn about establishing credit, consumer protection and fraud. On Track opens the door for clients to further educate themselves by attending Financial Fitness classes. And lastly, the Financial Fitness class has given attendees the confidence to believe they can live the American Dream and become homeowners. It needs to be noted that all of these classes may be attended by any resident living in Klamath and Lake counties whether they receive energy assistance or not.

All Klamath and Lake County classes and times are posted on the KLCAS calendar. Or you may call KLCAS at (541) 882-3500 or the Lake County Senior Center at (541) 947-4966.

In 2014, KLCAS helped 4,373 families warm their homes by distributing almost $1.4 million dollars from federal, state and private sources throughout Klamath and Lake counties. We repaired or replaced 32 furnaces. 562 people participated in energy education learning great tools to reduce energy costs.

Through KLCAS’s Homeownership Center, 275 people attended On Track classes, 212 participated in Financial Fitness, 35 participated in pre-purchase home buying counseling and 47 attended the home buying class, and 7 clients became new homeowners!

In October 2015, KLCAS began its energy assistance season for households with Senior (over 60) and Disabled residents. Other residents may now call to schedule appointments beginning December 1st.

These services are designed to give households an extra boost for those higher winter heating bills. The program normally covers a one-time utility bill payment, including alternative fuels like firewood, pellets, propane, kerosene and oil acquired from local businesses. Funds for energy assistance are distributed beginning in October and are available until they are depleted.