Community Action Board

KLCAS is currently seeking Board member candidates!

We are seeking engaged, connected and skilled community members who are interested in assisting our organization in rebuilding community connections and strengthening partnerships, improving policies and procedures and financial oversight. The average time commitment for our Board of Directors is ten hours per month; this average can increase or decrease based on the Board activities calendar.

We have a process to train new board members to ensure a successful tenure, support learning new skills and creating space to sharpen existing skills. Training team member and Board members has been an integral element of our approach which we recognize creates a healthy, vibrant learning environment at KLCAS.

If you are interested in applying to become a member of the KLCAS Board of Directors, please complete the Board Member Candidate Application form located here and return it via mail to 535 Market Street, Klamath Falls, OR 97601, fax at 541-882-3674 or email at [email protected].

“Hardworking people should be able to afford housing and still have enough money for food and basic necessities.”

Since 1968, local Community Action Agencies have been required to have tripartite governing boards to gain and retain designation as eligible entities to receive CSBG (Community Service Block Grant) funding.

Effective tripartite boards reflect and promote the unique anti-poverty leadership, action, and mobilization responsibilities assigned by law to Community Action Agencies.  Boards are responsible for assuring that agencies continue to assess and respond to the causes and conditions of poverty in their community, achieve anticipated family and community outcomes, and remain administratively and fiscally sound.

Tripartite Community Action Board composition:

  • At least one-third is represented by low-income individuals and families,
  • Up to one-third is represented by Elected Officials or their Representatives, and
  • The remaining board is comprised of major groups or interests in the community served.

Klamath & Lake Community Action Board Members

Silvia Pacheco, Board Member
Low-Income Representative

Jay Otero, Board Vice-Chair
Community Sector

Dawn Neal-Ruiz, Board Chair
Low-Income Representative

Pamela Redding, Interim Treasurer
Low-Income Representative

Charles Massie, Board Member
Community Sector

Willa Powless, Board Member
Elected Official