Adopt a Family 2016

Adopt-a-Family 2016

Groups, businesses, families, and individuals looking for a unique sharing experience this holiday season are invited to Adopt-a-Family this 2016 Christmas.


How Does It Work?

You choose the size of the family and we will do our best to match any special requests (family with young children, family with teens, etc.) You will receive contact information and a personalized wish list … and then deliver the items to the family in person, or bring the gifts KLCAS for delivery Family Support & Connections staff.

The Wish List

Fill requests to the best of your financial ability. We ask that you choose a family size that meets your financial ability to provide at least 2 gifts per family member (approximately $25 per gift). Each person in the family requests one desired gift (WANT) as well as any clothing or household items like pots and pans, linens, dining ware, etc. (NEED). You are welcome and encouraged to do more if your budget permits.


Upon completion of delivery, please notify Family Support & Connections. If you would rather that we deliver your gifts, please notify us and we will be happy to do so. In this case, you will need to drop the gifts off to KLCAS at 2300 Clairmont Ave.

Change of Plans

If for some reason you cannot follow through with the adoption or the delivery; please notify us immediately so we can help.

Tax Deductible Donation

Please fill out the “in-kind” donation form and return it to Family Support & Connections after your gifts have been delivered to the family. We need this information for our annual audit, even if you do not plan to use the deduction on your taxes. We will be glad to send you a receipt for tax purposes.


Please contact the Family Support and Connections Program for more information at (541) 882-3500 ext *821 or [email protected]

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