Klamath & Lake Community Action Services

 2016 Facts

at KLCAS, We Make a Difference

  • Strengthen & Educate Families
  • Promote Self-Sufficiency
  • Build Community

Neighbors helping Neighbors

We know that every life we impact improves our lives together.

KLCAS in Action


KLCAS works with partner agencies, local leaders, government officials, and other organizations.

What is Community Action?

Klamath & Lake Community Action Services is a private non-profit agency.  We seek and distribute resources from State and Federal funding, private sector funding and donations to support local shelters and to provide a multitude of services to those in need.

Klamath & Lake Community Action Services (KLCAS) is a private non-profit agency. KLCAS improves the lives of our citizens by
combating the conditions and causes of poverty in Klamath and Lake Counties. KLCAS provides strategic services directly and through social alliances, empowering people to become self-reliant contributing members of our community.

KLCAS works to:
Strengthen & Educate Families
Promote Self-sufficiency
Build Community

For Energy Assistance in Lakeview: 100 N D Street Suite 203, Lakeview, OR 97630. 
            Office hours are: 

Monday:  1pm to 5pm

Tuesday:  1pm to 5pm

Wednesday:  Closed

Thursday:  1pm to 5pm

Friday:  9am to 6pm


2300 Clairmont Drive | Klamath Falls, OR 97601 | Phone: (541) 882-3500 | Toll free: (866) 665-6438 | Fax: (541) 882-3674